What files do I need to backup?

It is recommended to backup the entire main CYMA directory on a regular basis, but if you are looking to backup the bare minimum, there are three main components of your CYMA System that need to be backed up periodically. The three components are:

In the System Manager Maintain Companies is the list of your companies or just your main company. 1. The company may be in your main CYMA System directory which is either CYMA4 or CYMA4NFP. The company folder(s) is (are) the most important data files of your CYMA System. You can choose to backup the company folder(s) on daily or incremental basis. 2. Locate your Custom Reports and for each version changes done to these reports you can back them up once. 3. The list below are your CYMA Systems System Control Files that store your Company List, System Registration, User and Passwords:

For FMS they are:

For NFP they are:

* May not be included in the folder, but should be moved if they exist


Important Note: If using Aatrix for tax payments and form processing (eFile W-2, 941, ACA forms, etc), the Companies folder should be backed up.   The Companies folder is located on the Server/Host.  The folder can be found in the Aatrix Forms folder within the CYMA4 folder of the main CYMA install.  Typically the path would be:  C:\CYMA\CYMA4\Aatrix Forms\Companies.  Drives and folders may vary based on your specific install.