Employee Self-Service "page cannot be displayed" after CYMA update

After performing a CYMA update, some Employee Self-Service customers have reported getting a "page cannot be displayed" error at the ESS login screen

If this situation is occuring, open PCC (Actian PSQL Control Center) at the CYMA full/server installation, expand the tree, and look under Databases for "CYMASYS". If "CYMASYS" is not in the list then you should add it:

Steps to add CYMASYS to PCC under Databases

* NOTE: If PCC says that CYMASYS is in use, Open the ODBC Administrator (32 bit) and look for the System DSN. If it is there, remove it and then proceed on adding "CYMASYS" to the database.


If you are receiving this error and require assistance with the procedure, contact CYMA at 800-292-2962.