State SUTA Rates By Year In Version 23

New in Version 23 Payroll is the ability to define SUTA rates for multiple years. SUTA rates have always been adjustable in CYMA, but for the current year only. Now in Maintain Configuration / State Information, you will notice that the SUTA Rates are grayed out and are not editable from the grid. To make adjustments to the SUTA rates, you will select the appropriate State row and then the “Define SUTA Rates” button at the top of the window.

Maintain Configuration - State Information

A resulting grid will appear that will allow you to define the SUTA rate for all available years in the System. Please note that if you have never added a SUTA rate (created a new company, etc.) or have not completed that information, the values will be zero.

Define Multi-Year State SUTA Information

Additionally, rates for prior years will duplicate based on the current, pre-conversion rate and may need to be updated.

Rates can also be defined and modified by Client. Import of these States and SUTA State Rates by clients are also available through the General Import dialog:

Client Grid for Establishing SUTA Rates by State