ADO Error Code During Payroll Reports in CYMA 17

CYMA optimized dozens of reports in CYMA 14.0 and 15.0 with a faster data access method for improved performance.

An ADO Error may occur when trying to run these optimized reports. The connection type uses the Create SQL Connection (CQC) box that should be enabled in the CYMA System Manager Maintain Company - Company ID screen. The CQC enabling allows the PCC database and Company UDL file to be created for the Actian PSQL OLE DB connection necessary to run the new connection of the Crystal Reports in CYMA 15.0. The steps below ensure the crystal reports run with the new connection type.

The Actian PSQL OLE DB connection is used in the CYMA 15.0 Payroll Reports which needs to have the CYMA Host system create specific database objects.
The objects are located in:

  1. Actian PSQL Control Center (PCC) with CYMAXXX where xxx is the Company ID.
  2. CYMA System company directory with XXX.udl where the Company ID is used at login.

These objects are created by the system when the checkbox is enabled in the CYMA System’s System Manager Maintain Company for each Company ID. If the objects are not created then it is best to access the screen to disable or enable the checkbox to Create SQL Connection. Once the system enables the checkbox correctly then the objects are created in both locations.

There are occasions when someone already enabled the CQC box and the reports do not work. The following process is performed done at the CYMA Host/Server.



  1. Locate the two objects in each locations to delete them
  2. Open the Maintain Company screen with Company Id selected
  3. Disable the CQC box by un-checking (disabling) the Create SQL Connection box, click Save then close the screen
  4. Re-open the Maintain Company screen with Company Id selected
  5. Re-enable the CQC box by checking (enabling)  the Create SQL Connection box, click Save then close the screen

Note: The objects will be created with the correct server and connection path.  After the objects are created then then re-access the CYMA 15.0 Payroll Reports. If reports do not work please contact CYMA Systems at 800-292-2962 or consider reverting your reports to a prior version.