Exporting To PDF Conflicts (Windows Update)

CYMA has received notice from users who were experiencing problems, either in CYMA orEmployee Self-Service (ESS), when running a report or form that exports to PDF format.  Note: regular processes in ESS such as viewing an employee’s paystub or emailing a Sales Order out of CYMA involves the process of exporting to PDF and may yield the problem.

This specific issue is caused by a Microsoft Windows Update (KB3102429that was released on 11/17/15. This affects any reports any reports developed with Crystal Reports and has been brought to the attention of Microsoft.

To fix the problem, uninstall the update via the “installed updates” section of Control Panel /Programs and Features etc on every machine (workstation and server) that runs CYMA.  Only that specific update should be uninstalled.

Once uninstalled on the CYMA or ESS machine, PDF operations in CYMA and ESS will function normally, but you should hide the update from being applied again.

Hide this update from being included using the following procedure:

  1. Check for Windows Updates again
  2. Look for update KB3102429
  3. Rright click on the update and select ‘hide update’
  4. Click OK

Note:  There is a chance that the next time that particular computer is updated with Windows Updates, that it might automatically include that bad update again. CYMA is monitoring the situation to see how Microsoft will address the issue.