Installing Pervasive.SQL 11 Prompts To Activate

If you are installing Pervasive.SQL Version 11 from the CYMA full download and get to the "Activate" prompt, you will need a Pervasive.SQL Version 11 license key; keys for prior Pervasive.SQL versions will not work. If you have not purchased a license key for Pervasive.SQL Version 11, you may either:

  1. Purchase the Pervasive.SQL Version 11 license. Please contact your CYMA Reseller or CYMA at 800-292-2962.


  2. Uninstall Pervasive.SQL Version 11 and revert to a prior version of Pervasive.

Instructions for Uninstalling Pervasive.SQL 11 and Reinstalling Pervasive.SQL 10.x*

  1. Uncheck "Authorize" in the Pervasive.SQL Installation.
  2. Click Finish to finish your Pervasive.SQL installation
  3. An internet browser will open with a Pervasive.SQL registration page; simply close the registration page as it is unneccessary.
  4. Go to Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs (or Programs and Features)
  5. Find Pervasive.SQL PSQL v11 in the list of programs
  6. Select Remove or Uninstall/Change
  7. Select Next and then Choose the Remove option

    NOTE: You will be presented with a RED message that, to summarize, says that all Pervasive.SQL keys will be retained on this machine.
  8. Once the program has been uninstalled, go to
  9. Download your licensed version of Pervasive.SQL to a location that you will remember
  10. Complete the installation and use your key to activate the product.

* If you are moving from a version prior to Pervasive.SQL 10.x contact your CYMA Reseller or CYMA at 800-292-2962.