SM-86 “A required data file does not exist. Unable to run report”

When printing forms from a Windows 7 Workstation interfacing with a Server 2008 host some users may receive a message: SM-86 “A required data file does not exist.  Unable to run report”.*

Cause:  In Windows 7 and later operating systems, SMB 2.0 (Server Message Block Protocol) was introduced as a newer methodology for workstation to server communication.  In some cases with this new protocol, the server takes a snapshot or "caches" what the directory looks like at a particular moment in time and then only refreshes this snapshot a few seconds later.  Due to this “lag” of what the snapshot looks like and what files really exist on the machine it can cause erroneous reports back to CYMA causing it to think the file isn’t there even though it really is. 

If you are running into this situation, please contact CYMA directly at 800-292-2962 to resolve this issue.


* The message may also occur when a form is referencing an old filename and has not been updated to V13 so be aware that this only applies to a case where the file being referenced in the message is a valid current file.