Date Type Description
1/4/2024 Issue W4 Changes for Iowa and Montana
12/5/2022 Issue Actian Zen 15: Post Installation Settings
9/14/2022 Tutorial Moving CYMA to a New Computer
7/10/2022 Tutorial Assigning W2 Box Information in Version 22
6/3/2020 Tutorial How to Process Third Party Sick Pay in Payroll
11/22/2019 Tutorial Offline Registering F9 Version 5.5 or 6.0
11/1/2019 Tutorial Checking Contribution Limits Across Multiple Features
10/25/2019 Tutorial Setting SOC (Standard Occupational Codes ) in CYMA
10/3/2019 Issue Code 12 and Code 3 Errors Since 9/22/2019
9/30/2019 Issue Massachusetts Paid Family and Medical Leave
6/26/2019 Issue F9 6.0 documents relating to installation, usage, and data connectivity with CYMA
6/26/2019 Issue Reactivate or Reset F9 Serial Number to Acquire New Activation Code (version 5.5 and 6.0)
10/29/2018 Issue CymaX.ocx failed to self register during installation
10/2/2018 Update After update, CYMA login displays "SM Pre and Post Conversion" warning message
8/15/2018 Issue Accounts Payable (AP) EFT Processing Overview
11/17/2017 Tutorial Using Pervasive SQL Connections to Optimize CYMA Reports (pdf)
11/13/2017 Tutorial CYMA reports can use codes in place of entering dates in the report selection criteria.
11/10/2017 Tutorial CYMA produced instructional videos covering common employee tasks, supervisor abilities, and advanced usage.
11/2/2017 Issue Error 126 loading GLCheck.dll - AVAST Anti-Virus (AV) Software Update
10/30/2017 Issue Employee Self-Service "page cannot be displayed" after CYMA update
10/29/2017 Issue Crystal Component Repair: SM-91 Cannot Open Print Job, U2LGL.dll Function is missing or Unknown Qry Eng messages
10/25/2017 Issue SMNumber.DAT Locking Record - Anti-Virus Settings
10/22/2017 Issue Posting Invoices to AR causes "Invalid EFT Bank Id"
10/22/2017 Issue How to Map a Network Drive
10/15/2017 Issue CYMA Processes Not Responding in Windows
10/13/2017 Issue Possible reasons for Code 46 Errors
10/8/2017 Tutorial Understanding Domains, URLs and Port Forwarding for ESS Servers
10/3/2017 Crystal Converting Custom Checks & Forms for CYMA using Crystal Reports
10/2/2016 Issue What data is required for ACA processing through CYMA?