Actian ZEN v15 FAQ and Installation Files

Review the Actian ZEN, Backup Agent, and other Third Party licenses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I download Actian ZEN v15?

Download your specific installation below to update to Actian ZEN v15.

Important Step: Prior to installing a later version of Pervasive/Actian, it is highly advised to uninstall the prior version of Pervasive/Actian through Control Panel

Extract the contents of these files to a location you will remember and run the approrpriate setup file.

Actian ZEN v15 Server (32 bit / 64 bit) - (Actian ZEN v15 Enterprise Server - 163MB)

Actian ZEN v15 Workgroup - (Actian ZEN v15 Workgroup Installation- 155MB)

Actian ZEN v15 Client - (Actian ZEN v15 Client Installation - 143MB)


Why can't I install Actian ZEN v15 Workgroup using my key?
Keys are issued specific to the Pervasive Engine or Actian PSQL/ZEN you are installing. Server keys work with the Server install and Workgroup keys work with the workgroup install.  On the computer with the main install of CYMA, either Server or Workgroup should be installed based on the key you purchased.  All other computers will use the Client engine.  If you were previously using the workgroup engine on a workstation, uninstall the workgroup engine and install the Client Engine.


Can I use Actian ZEN v15 with all Versions of CYMA?
Actian ZEN v15 has only been tested with CYMA 22 and above. If you are on an older version of Pervasive/Actian, or are unsure if you have purchased the Actian ZEN v15 license, please contact CYMA at 800-292-2962.